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如何參加文化交遊團?How to join our tours?



以下是各個導賞團的行程,歡迎圑體或個人自組15至23人,填妥報名表格參加,收到表格後我們會盡快聯絡你。如有任何問題,歡迎電郵至info@culturaloutings.org 查詢。我們亦會不定時舉辦公眾導賞團,有意參與者可留意於網頁及Facebook的最新消息。


Cultural Outings offers different guided tours for participants to experience the unique cultures of Hong Kong. Below are the itineraries of our tours. 


Organisations and individuals are welcome to form groups of 15 to 23 to join our tours. Please fill in the Application Form and we will contact you shortly. For enquiries, email us at info@culturaloutings.org. We also organize public tours from time to time, so stay tuned to our Facebook page and website for the latest news!

活動路線 Tour Itineraries

( 1 ) 重慶大廈導賞團 ChungKing Mansions Tour


Find out about globalisation and the lives of asylum seekers in Hong Kong




* 重慶大廈簡介 

* 在大廈商場範圍內進行參觀

* 了解尋求庇護者和難民在香港的生活


Itinerary (1.5 hours):


* Introduction to Chungking Mansions

* Walking tour of Chungking Mansions

* Learn about lives of asylum seekers and refugees in Hong Kong


( 2 ) 清真寺導賞團 Kowloon Mosque Tour


Learn about Islamic world




* 伊斯蘭教及其教義簡介 

* 參觀清真寺及其祈禱室 



Itinerary (1 hour):


* A brief introduction to Islam and its teachings

* Visit the Mosque including the prayer room

Remark: Kowloon Mosque Tour and the Chungking Mansions Tour can be combined into one tour.


( 3 ) 尼泊爾小社區導賞團 Nepalese Community Tour


Find out about the Nepalese community in Jordan 


 1.5 小時的行程包括:


* 探訪尼泊爾小社區的小商戶

* 參觀尼泊爾社區的印度教寺廟




Itinerary (1.5 hours):


* Visit Nepalese shops in Jordan

* Take a tour of a Hindu temple



( 4 ) 手繪班 Henna Class


Learn about the Pakistani culture




* 巴基斯坦及Henna簡介,由巴基斯坦婦女親自教授

* 練習如何畫Henna



Itinerary (1 hour and 15 minutes):


* Introduction to Pakistani culture and henna, taught by Pakistani ladies

* Henna painting

Remarks: Nepalese Community Tour and Henna Class can be held on the same day. Please reserve 20 minutes for walking between these two locations.


( 5 ) 泰國小社區導賞團 Thai Community Tour


Get to know more about Thai culture in Kowloon City




* 遊覽九龍城泰國小社區

* 傳統泰式手工藝活動



Itinerary (2 hours):


* Walking tour of the Kowloon City Thai community

* Thai handicraft



( 6 ) 深水埗社區導賞團 Sham Shui Po Community Tour


A closer look at our community




* 參觀深水埗小店 

* 探訪低收入家庭



Itinerary (2.5 hours):


* Visit small shops

* Visit low-income residents




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