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Frequently Asked Questions

1. 怎樣參加你們的活動? How to join your activities?


Cultural Outings is run by volunteers. In order to save time and administrative cost, we encourage participants to form groups of 15-23 and register through our online system:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/162M4NcF93Rf3jmw0fu5Z2_kVU5iPKYZCNjBi0OuRDO0/viewformck Edit FAQ to customize me.

2. 如何得知最新的活動資訊? How to find out about the latest activities?


https://www.facebook.com/culturaloutings,你亦可將姓名及電郵傳送到:info@culturaloutings.org,以便我們將最新的活動資料電郵給你。 We organise public events from time to time. We will share the news on our Facebook fans page: https://www.facebook.com/culturaloutings. You can also send your name and email address to: info@culturaloutings.org and we will keep you updated about our latest activities.

3. 甚麼人可參加你們的活動? Who can join your activities?

文化交遊的宗旨是讓不同背景的朋友都可欣賞多元文化,因此我們歡迎不同年齡、宗教背景、教育程度、傷健的朋友參加我們的活動,我們會盡力安排和協助。The mission of Cultural Outings is to provide opportunities for everyone to appreciate the beauty of cultural diversity. We welcome friends from all walks of life, regardless of age, religous belief, education level and physical ability to join our activities. We will strive make the best possible arrangement for you.

4. 參觀不同的宗教場所有特別的禁忌嗎? What are the Do's and Don'ts when we visit places of worship of different religions?

尊重不同文化是文化交遊的核心價值,部份的宗教場所對參加者的衣著有一定的要求,例如不可穿背心、短裙或短褲進入清真寺、進入清真寺前要脫鞋、參觀錫克教廟要用頭巾包頭並脫鞋襪等等。我們將會於參觀前將注意事項電郵給參加者。除此以外,部份導師例如巴基斯坦婦女可能未必喜歡拍照,所以參加者在拍照前最好得到當事人的同意。事實上我們的合作夥伴大多非常友善和開明,他們也明白文化間的差異,所以大家只要互相尊重便可。Respecting different cultures is the core value of Cultural Outings. Some places of worshop have particular dress codes. For example, participants are advised NOT to wear sleeveless clothes, shorts or miniskirts, and are advised to take off their shoes when visiting the Mosque. When visiting the Sikh temple, participants will be asked to cover their heads and take off both shoes and socks. We will send the relevant information to participants before each activity. In addition, teachers of the Pakistani henna class may feel uneasy if photos are taken of them without permission, so please ask them if you want to take photos of/ with them. Our partners are friendly and open-minded, and they understand cultural differences, so just by having a respectful attitude will earn you a wonderful experience.

5. 我可以成為義工嗎? How can I become a volunteer?

文化交遊是一個註冊的慈善團體,義工的參與對我們的工作非常重要,有興趣的朋友可將姓名、聯絡電話、電郵、有興趣提供協助的項目傳送到:info@culturaloutings.org,我們將很快與你聯絡。謝謝你的支持! Cultural Outings is a registered charitable organisation and volunteers are very important to us. If you are interested in becoming our volunteers, please send your name, contact number, email address and areas of expertise to: info@culturaloutings.org and we will contact you shortly. Thank you very much for your support!

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