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活動統籌 Tour Coordinator

現為香港大學政治及公共行政學系五年級生,對國際關係及中東政治有濃厚興趣,曾於俄羅斯交流及遊學並走訪南俄高加索地區,目睹在多民族國家中的少數民族如何在主流文化底下保持自己的身份認同。他亦十分關注本港少數族裔的需要,認為一個建基於多元文化和彼此尊重的社會十分重要。畢業後希望能從事關懷少數族裔的工作。 Lincoln is a university student majored in Politics and Public Administration at HKU. He visited Caucasus region of Russia and witnessed how ethnic minority groups there preserved their own identity and culture in major Russian culture. He also pays close attention to the needs of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong. 莊力行 Lincoln Chong