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美術設計 Graphic Designer

土生土長的傳統香港人,閒時逛逛藝術館、博物館,本來只認識本地及中國傳統文化,偶然機會認識到「文化交遊」,才意識到到世界那麼大,自己多麼的狹窄。現在幾十多歲人才來認識世界,遲不遲?永遠不會遲,她相信,世界永遠歡迎大家,共同了解,互相凝聚,開心快樂。 Born and raised in Hong Kong, Carmen likes to visit art galleries and museums for leisure. Chinese and HK cultures used to be the only cultures she knew. Through Cultural Outings, she is introduced to the cultural diversity of HK and found that it was never too late to appreciate and embrace other cultures. 楊嘉文 Carmen Yeung