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活動統籌 Tour Coordinator

喜歡文化、喜歡對話、喜歡探討人生百態、喜歡各類型真誠的互動。閒時遊走藝術空間,欣賞藝術家的無限創意。偶爾走訪異國,探索各地歷史及文化。曾於荷蘭遊學,熱愛意大利。尊重多元價值,同時忠誠於自己的信仰。 She likes culture and dialogues, as well as exploring stories of different walks of life and having all types of genuine interactions. She enjoys appreciating the arts and visiting different places to explore their history and culture. She has been to the Netherlands for exchange. She loves Italy. She respects diversities while at the same time remains faithful to her religion. 何上沛 Polly Ho