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義工發展 Volunteers Development

本土香港人卻熱愛少數族裔,只因在大學實習期間接觸外傭及巴基斯坦婦女,由此引發對他/她們的關注。不止喜愛認識新文化、新朋友,更想多關注他/她們的社會需要,讓少數族裔成為我們的一部分。她在大學期間開始參與文化交遊,讓她有更多機會接觸和認識異文化,亦有平台分享給其他人,使她的想法更具有行動力。 As a local, Karmela likes to know more about ethnic minority groups. She has been concerned about social issues related to foreign domestic workers and Pakistani women since university. Cultural Outings is s good platform for her to explore non-mainstream cultures and promote cultural diversity to the public. 梁嘉敏 Karmela Leung