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聯合創辦人 Co-founder

香港中文大學人類學哲學碩士,曾任職國際基金會項目經理(駐北京及馬尼拉),現於香港中文大學任職研究助理。在不同國家生活過,深信文化多元性可以使社會更多姿彩,並努力在生活中實踐對差異的尊重。 Graduated with an M. Phil in Anthropology and previously worked as project manager of an international foundation, based in Manila and Beijing. She is now a research assistant in CUHK. Having lived in different countries, she is a sincere believer that cultural diversity adds color to a society. She always tires to maintain respect for diversity in her everyday life. 蕭潔樺 Lydia Siu